How to get a free instant IPTV trial?

Trials are cool aren’t they? There are thousands of the IPTV providers around and choosing a reliable one that won’t disappoint its customers has to be challenging. That’s why it’s always preferred to go for a provider that offers trials so you can try out the service quality in its different circumstances before actually putting your money into that provider.

Today we’re showing you how to get a free instantly activated 24-hour IPTV trial with ArgonTV.


  • All you need to activate your free trial with ArgonTV is a Telegram account that you will have to link in order to get the trial.

Let’s start creating the free trial.

  1. Head over to and create a new account there

2. Fill in your information to proceed with the registration process

3. From the side bar, choose “Account Settings”

3. Click the “Link Telegram” button to start linking your Telegram account to your ArgonTV one.

4. Go back to the home page of the dashboard and click the “Create a new line” button

5. Choose the category and the free trial product as shown below, then click the “Subscribe” button

6. Click the “Yes, subscribe!” button to confirm the subscription to the free trial package.

7. Your free trial has been successfully created 🙂

8. Click the little “View” text to view your subscription details

9. A box containing all your free trial details will pop up as shown below

You may now insert the credentials into your favourite IPTV player, or you may download the M3U playlist and use it too!

Throughout your trial, make sure to take notes to decide on whether the provider suits your needs or no.